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Extended Summer Flying times

November 2019

Sean Mendis and Derek Morrison met Member of Parliament Barry Gardiner in early September 2019 to make a case for the club to extend the restricted flying times for electric powered aircraft during the Summer time. After the Council had sent representative to observe flying earlier, it was duly noted that the sound of traffic from Watford road was more audible than any electric powered model aircraft.

It was suggested that drones should be placed in the same category as I.C aircraft as it is difficult to influence historical prejudices, once formed in the minds of residents. They are particularly sensitive to drones and the potential invasion of privacy that these could bring. Placing Drones in the I.C category will help t alleviate the issues we have with conventional electric airplanes and helicopters.

November 2020

The Club now has a no-drone policy and the times have been successfully extended to 8pm as per recently erected signage.


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