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An essential piece of flying equipment

Essential piece of equipment when flying.

I was sitting down doing nothing at home when it suddenly occured to me I could go flying. I checked the weather, no wind, I checked with the Mrs, she's having her hair done, on her head not her back this time. I checked my timetable. Amazing nothing on and I had the new bixler to maiden.

As usual my stuff is everywhere; stashed in corners under beds, on top of the wardrobe etc. Finally I was ready. I thought I would pop over and see Mayoor on the way to the field. I scrounged a coffee and when I arrived he was messing around his desk looking for things, as usual, I did mention that he could clear his desk but he said he knows where everything is ??.

I told him the Bixler or Tampon 2 as its called was ready for its maiden; he grabbed the plane and runs his keen eye on the set up. He then started to move this and adjust that and then he ripped into me about not paying attnetion to setting up the plan properly, bloody cheek.

In no time at all we arrived at the field. The footballers were still playing so we set about putting stickers on the underside of tampon 2, that way I can see if it's upside down or not, clever ehh!!!. I was in no mood to waste time, so soon enough the Tampon 2 was up and flying around like a dream. We debated on how long it would stay up with a fully charged battery. I managed to get twenty-six minutes of flight with the battery only down to 28%. Unbelievable!

By this time other flyers started turning up. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Derek walking up and I thought to myself.

'I had better behave since I had already been told off by Mayoor.'

To be honest he was in good cheer and he very kindly gave me some suggestions how I could improve the flight of my cub. I landed it and shouted across to mayoor my cub needs tweaking and as quick as a flash he was adjusting this and that. He then announced 'it was done'. So off it went and she was flying a dream.

I landed the cub after another successful flight and I was about to change the battery when a very attractive woman steps into my view and asks if she could take a video of the planes. Not wishing to miss an opportunity to be filmed I gladly said, no problem. As she she started filming, I ran to my tool case to get a comb as my hair was untidy. Dam and blast, there was no comb I was devastated. The final blow was she was filming all the old chaps and their planes.

Being the most attractive fit charismatic flyer on the field I never got a look in.

Note To myself: A hair brush is a vital piece of flying equipment.

All in all a great days flying with my new mates.

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