A day out for the boys - Old Warden and other things.

We had planned this trip for a while now with little success due to a variety of reasons; lack of time, bad weather, a nasty outbreak of swine flu and matrimonial quibbles. Well, quibbles is a euphemism really, just like saying the Holocaust was due to a minor gas leak. July the 5th was a beautiful Sunday and everything coalesced to make it happen. Michael arrived at 11am in his beautiful '67 Karman Ghia, resplendent in its recent bare metal re-spray in pearl white. I had gone to Halfords to buy a quart of oil and also to check out a young Ishmaeli girl at the sales counter who was particularly un-phased by the sledge-hammer wit and charm that I was busily doling out. Still, it saved me f

An essential piece of flying equipment

Essential piece of equipment when flying. I was sitting down doing nothing at home when it suddenly occured to me I could go flying. I checked the weather, no wind, I checked with the Mrs, she's having her hair done, on her head not her back this time. I checked my timetable. Amazing nothing on and I had the new bixler to maiden. As usual my stuff is everywhere; stashed in corners under beds, on top of the wardrobe etc. Finally I was ready. I thought I would pop over and see Mayoor on the way to the field. I scrounged a coffee and when I arrived he was messing around his desk looking for things, as usual, I did mention that he could clear his desk but he said he knows where everything is ??.

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