Armchair Flyer - Part 6

Where to start? Well with the loss of the tampon, my most recent model, I suppose. I draged myself sobbing to Mayoor and his fine shop and after great words of comfort from Mayoor (that's a lie he laughed) we discussed my predicament needing a hand launch glider and I was ushered towards a box high up on the wall. The words on the box shone out to me. I wiped the dribble from my shirt as money changed hands.I offered a wave from my van window as I disappeared with a smoke of dust in my trail.

I arrived back crashing through the front door, kicking the dog aside with a beaming smile on my face.

"Don't crash this one!" My Wife said.

I unpacked beast in a frenzy likened to that of a child opening a Christmas present. Soon transfers were flying and my shirt was dribble soaked!

'Oh my!' I thought to myself as I realised it had a V tail wing.

'What the hell!! How does this work? How do I even wire it?'

After hours of trying to figure it out I gave in and made another trip to the shop early on Sunday Morning before dawn. I was obsessed!

The Guru sorted it out and explained everything.

So, up the field we went, walking across the field with my new beast greeting Vinny and his fifteen mates and a few others who all crowded around me admiring my plane.

"You are about to see it flown like you had never seen before" I explained."

The picture tells the tale.

My wife handed me a sewing kit when I got back.

"Its much safer and more rewarding. If it's worn out or ripped, you can sew it together unlike the planes!!!" she said.


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