Armchair Flyer - Part 4

A sad hobby was how it was described to me, you can't fly if it rains, you can't fly if it's windy,

you can't fly if the plane is noisey and you can't fly if the previous flight ended in damage.

"Outrageous" I wanted to shout but then had to think.

"Can I fly when it's raining? Hell yes." "But why would you?"

"Can I fly when it's windy, hell yes, but my tea gets cold quick."

"Can't fly if it's noisy hmm, I can at the club." I thought.

Normally the only thing that's noisy with my flying is when I can be heard sobbing while walking around the field with a plastic bag.

"Can't fly with a damaged plane, he's got a point!"

So when I asked what he did for a hobby he said,

"I have a model railway in my loft."

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