Armchair Flyer - Part 3

Looking out of the window, I see that not a leaf is moving? Could this be RIGHT? I check the weather; Yes it's right, so while crashing around in the kitchen, bedroom, spare room and under the stairs, I yell at the wife,

"What did you do with my flying bag?".

"Ohh that one I put it in the cupboard by the gas meter." she replied.

"WHAT!!! It's got my lipos in that bag!!! Babe why did you put it in the there?"

"I got fed up with seeing it under the dining room table."

With sweat dripping from my brow, I calmed down and checked everything.

"Yes, I'm finally ready" I thought.

I stuffed it all in the van and made for the field. During the journey a driver decided he didn't see my huge red van and pulled out in front of me. This sent my things in the back flying, but after I saw him waiving at me with fingers missing on his hand I carried on my journey to the field without mentioning anything. On arrival; upon opening the side door of the van it was apparent that there was something wrong.

I should've had one wing, I now had two.

Never bound, never flown, never even seen grass and it was broken. When I finished sobbing I made my way to the flying area where Mayoor was wearing his usual smile and slapped me on the back whilst shouting:

"What are you flying today Chris?"

"ohh just the Bixler" I replied.

"But I thought you were going to maiden the Cub today."

After an awkward silence and fighting back the tears I said "No, just the Bixler today."

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