Armchair Flyer - Part 2

For those of you who have a man cave, a model room, a table to work on or a space to get things fixed; I envy you. Currently I have a space under the stairs 600x800cm that I share with a Hoover and an ironing board a bunch of coats, and so many shoes that if I wore a pair a week I still wouldn't wear all of them. Ohh and a light bulb.

Once I have battled my way in with a cup of tea in one hand and this huge bottle of glue in the other I can't get the wing in. The wing which sadly hit a tree, that had grown in the time I took off and attempted to land. So with half of it sticking out in the hallway and with the repair underway, my Misses announces that she wants to do the ironing. I refuse to budge, and she decides that if she can't do the ironing then she will take the dog for a walk. Guess which pair of shoes are the ones she wants to wear; the ones I kicked the furthest into the cupboard.

So with glue stuck to my fingers I rescue the shoes and off she goes. GREAT. I can carry on. But where's the lid of the glue and the piece I was fixing? Everything is out of the cupboard twenty minutes later; no sight of the piece but I did find the lid.

I now had to cut a new piece which took half an hour and I'm just about to stick it in place and she comes back. The dog starts jumping around with wet paws and I have to bury the shoes in cupboard again; I decide enough is enough and I give up and sit on the sofa with my flying mag, reading about all the great flights, pilots had.

My wife then comments that I have something stuck to the back of my shirt and she pulls it off and there's the missing piece. She then spots the full cup of tea under the stairs and says "Why did you make it if you didn't intend to drink it.?".


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