Armchair Flyer - Part 1

Where to start? Well at the beginning I suppose. Having moved to Cyprus and started model flying it quickly became apparent that I was useless and had no idea how to fly. A call to my local model shop sorted me out though. It was suggested that I get a flight simulator to practice on as the black bin bags were filling up with bits of planes. Mayoor kindly provided the package.

To my horror it wouldn't play on my Apple Mac not Mayoor's fault. I then embarked on getting a computer it would work on (a Cypriot machine) after hours and days of trying to understand Cypriot, I grew tired of trying and gave up. Eventually I found a man who could set it up and there I had it, Phoenix Flight Simulator.

Many hours of fun was had and my flying was so much better. " Now only one black bag was needed " and and the biggest pot of glue I could purchase.

After a few years later we moved back to the UK, and I found myself in a similar situation again. I found myself with a computer that does not understand English, a monitor that flatly refuses to work and a phoenix box that shouts, "Play me!".

'The technical explanation?'

The thingy is not compatible with the doby motherboard and will not speak english, the sprocket is not in line with the gadget and my uplink is way of kilter with my downlink.

In short I can't use my flight simulator.

And the weather here is still rubbish.

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